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AHU Components

Inner Body & Components of the Unit

The highly smooth inner surfaces of the panels along with internal covings, reduces drastically the risk of dirt and bacteria accumulation. There is no erosion of internal insulation material or any welding of the joints to provide an air steam with zero contamination.
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Air Handling Units

The wide range of AHUs manufactured in the production unit are with world class capabilities and special features like internal covings & thermal brake external frames.

They are tailor made depending on the design, applications, availability of space and similar other parameters.
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Bag Filters

Most flexible type of filters manufactured as per customer's requirements and are suitable for EU-5 and EU-6 operations.
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Carbon Filters

Also known as odour control filters which are suitable for both smell reduction.
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Basically classified into 3 types :

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Grilles & Registers

Aerofoil louvers with 0 degree, 15 degree, 30 degree and 45 degree deflections.

Suitable for side wall, floor, sill and ceiling mountings.
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HEPA Boxes

Meant for housing the HEPA filters to prevent any leakage / damage.
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HEPA Filters

High efficiency particulate Air Filters are also known as Absolute filters, which are the ultimate means of removal of submicron air borne particles and are widely used for EU-13 applications.
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Microvee Filters

Also known as fine filters or 5 micron / 3 micron filters, & are suitable for both EU-5 and EU-6 operations.
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Pre Filters

Also known as rough filters or coil protection filters. Available from EU-1 to EU-4 as per European standards.
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More precisely known as return air risers, which are used to collect the return air in a specific manner to maintain a perfect laminar flow.
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